A chronological list of my Twitter likes so you get an idea what piques my interest.

https://twitter.com/zettlr/status/1359823467064008712 (@zettlr)

Hey @ploum, your idea with the solarized theme finally made it into
the app! ;) https://t.co/8Di8mPVbox

https://twitter.com/patrickdebois/status/1358449671664992256 (@patrickdebois)

Lol - Obsessive Measurement Disorder - via The Tyranny of Metrics booj

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1357048265481592837 (@pascalblanche)

New drop. Look up! #cryptoart #nftart https://t.co/LFWw85WvKM

https://twitter.com/ATabarrok/status/1356427657437712384 (@ATabarrok)

@ben_golub Goodhart's law--When a measure becomes a target, it ceases
to be a good measure.

https://twitter.com/NTechlibre/status/1355515216558088201 (@NTechlibre)


https://twitter.com/jt7d/status/1355237792947728393 (@jt7d)

@betamatt No war stories because it's been completely peaceful.

https://twitter.com/manuel_zapf/status/1355221739094028288 (@manuel_zapf)

@smetj Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ» I am sorry for your issue :( I have a question tough: do
you think it could be linked to https://t.co/JAvMbsRgsY ?

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1352663820452425729 (@pycoders)

Tracing the Python GIL  https://t.co/MBvIMskizO

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1349863117124210690 (@HashiCorp)

Learn how to manage sensitive input values with #Terraform with this
new tutorial on HashiCorp Learn https://t.co/pDv9v2Lg8B

https://twitter.com/KrisBuytaert/status/1349836846059151364 (@KrisBuytaert)

If you ain't already using https://t.co/NLzDnqfHU2  you have some
thinking to do

https://twitter.com/mharrison/status/1349836815868465154 (@mharrison)

New blog post: Best way to learn Python in 2021 🐍🀯

https://twitter.com/el_bhs/status/1349406398388400128 (@el_bhs)

0/ I’m tired of hearing about observability replacing monitoring. It’s
not going to, and that’s because it shouldn’t.  Observability will not
_replace_ monitoring, it will _augment_ monitoring.  Here’s a thread
about observability, and how monitoring can evolve to fit in: πŸ‘‡

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1344039996861411332 (@HashiCorp)

This case study highlights how Pandora uses HashiCorp #Nomad, #Consul,
and #Vault to operate as a unified ecosystem enabling service builds
and deployments in just minutes (this used to take several days)

https://twitter.com/GHSecurityLab/status/1343973093736267777 (@GHSecurityLab)

@smetj The Python team is working on revamping and improving the
CodeQL libraries. Queries will be easier to write, and more consistent
with other languages. More news in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1342191819195559937 (@pycoders)

Serializing Objects With the Python pickle Module

https://twitter.com/kgriffs/status/1341857806131970048 (@kgriffs)

Get a taste for the new ASGI goodness from the tutorial here:

https://twitter.com/apparentorder/status/1341732195745054721 (@apparentorder)

@moelholm You can even tunnel SSH over Session Manager (in case you
need scp, sftp etc.)  I love combining this with EC2 Instance Connect
for fully IAM'ed SSH convenience over SSM:  https://t.co/GeHzrcx1Qi

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1341416978788077576 (@bitfield)

What does it mean for 'objects' to have 'behaviour', and how does that
work in Go? 'For the Love of Go: Behaviour' introduces you to structs
and methods, and shows you how to create your own object types, and
how to extend existing types with new methods. https://t.co/6gDHy3Rh4J

https://twitter.com/mkennedy/status/1339657542591336448 (@mkennedy)

Just wow! I added these three lines of code to the startup for
https://t.co/vDGLr9SPb5 and now the site is about 10-12% faster while
using less than 1% more memory. https://t.co/w784WEW9YI

https://twitter.com/armon/status/1335808869860143111 (@armon)

Interesting blog post on lessons learned by a GKE SRE on K8S and what
they'd want in a ground up rebuild. I'm obviously biased but
@HashiCorp Nomad largely fits the bill on avoiding design pitfalls.
Advantage of being late to market. https://t.co/1mwq78paEt

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1335631593617190913 (@pycoders)

`pip` 20.3 Is Out Featuring a New Dependency Resolver

https://twitter.com/kbsingh/status/1335288487298408450 (@kbsingh)

Spent most of my Saturday helping a non profit 'upgrade' out of this.
Offline education lab. 65 servers.  #Community  #LetsHelp

https://twitter.com/raymondh/status/1335284170965221376 (@raymondh)

1/ #Python tip:  Join sequences with itertools.chain() instead of with
addition:      list(chain(a, b, c, d, e))   # O(n)      a + b + c + d
+ e   # O(nΒ²)

https://twitter.com/pvllnv/status/1334064205989879809 (@pvllnv)

@ramalhoorg @gvanrossum https://t.co/g3859X3b6H ?

https://twitter.com/kgriffs/status/1333824038532050944 (@kgriffs)

Falcon 3.0.0a3 is out now with WebSocket support and cythonized
wheels! This is our final alpha, so please give us feedback on any
design changes you might want for the new features! The first beta is
just around the corner. https://t.co/IkAWVdrtuM

https://twitter.com/chrisdietr/status/1332784484354232324 (@chrisdietr)

1/8 Just fished the new and amazing #fastapi course by @TalkPython /
@mkennedy in 2 days. I hope this will help adoption of the absolute
wonderful API framework @tiangolo created. It is just such a good
tool. (Course here: https://t.co/PU8sJjsQ16)  Things I learned:

https://twitter.com/mitchellh/status/1329124370581647362 (@mitchellh)

Source: https://t.co/wG7nWIQcU2 https://t.co/CMuhCraj2y

https://twitter.com/Dieter_be/status/1328738472077750272 (@Dieter_be)

https://t.co/4WSWKgAImj is a neat cli task manager that uses yaml
files and git based sync. Bye todo text files.

https://twitter.com/iamtew/status/1327298344549539842 (@iamtew)

@smetj Yes I got it when the Origins update came, and I had 50% off
from PSN+ so now im hooked! πŸ˜…  Do come visit my freighter if you end
up getting it, it's ly ultimate base 😎

https://twitter.com/ossmkitty/status/1326635088164106241 (@ossmkitty)

Isn't the pattern with "recently growing popularity" of using
greenlets to "execute async code from a syntactically synchronous
context" basically an admission that Python async has serious flaws?
Or at least it shows async has to spread like a pandemic over all code
to work well

https://twitter.com/binitamshah/status/1325942838245289984 (@binitamshah)

Dog : Command-line DNS client : https://t.co/wkV2g1gMfr

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1325484731383820288 (@pycoders)

Writing Performant Parallel Python Code  https://t.co/0HRKcRXQWt

https://twitter.com/nickcoult/status/1324821502034767872 (@nickcoult)

Super excited to see this ship!  #ecs #fargate dual stack networking.
This means you can get ip4 AND ipv6 addresses for your ECS tasks.  And
there's more to come on ipv6 with ECS. https://t.co/6k6JvDsLg9

https://twitter.com/senpai70/status/1324455873058660352 (@senpai70)

@smetj Beware alpine linux! It’s not suited for everything! (had my
troubles with python)

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1324082438054793219 (@HashiCorp)

HashiCorp #Terraform 0.14 now features a new concise diff renderer
that makes it easier to see changes for any Terraform plan. Learn
more: https://t.co/6eUInWxhnw

https://twitter.com/girifox/status/1322600224523755526 (@girifox)

β€œLet's stop fooling ourselves. What we call CI/CD is actually only
CI.”  https://t.co/2jxnjbREHY

https://twitter.com/MatsLanner/status/1322183005025136640 (@MatsLanner)

Want to use gRPC with ECS/Fargate? Here's a good blog post from
@TheodoreJSalvo:  https://t.co/iGlGA4caQe

https://twitter.com/itamarst/status/1320772155651563532 (@itamarst)

7/ Until Friday, you can buy the Python on Docker Production
Quickstart (along with optional add-ons to help you ship even faster)
for 20% with coupon OCTOBER2020:  https://t.co/QVhkLjuuVx

https://twitter.com/TwitchiH/status/1320769918992863233 (@TwitchiH)

In 2015, I found, fell in love with, and joined @PrometheusIO In 2015,
I wanted label-based logs, this became Loki In 2016, I wanted
exemplar-based tracing, this became Tempo  Today is a good day.
https://t.co/9nNRRFV2kY https://t.co/JymmSYU0Zd

https://twitter.com/justincormack/status/1320682013855199232 (@justincormack)

Great intro to what gitops is about from the basics by
@kelseyhightower from @gitopsdays https://t.co/vaN6WqBqB5

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1319791216091942913 (@HashiCorp)

The HashiCorp cloud team uses Nomad to support our cloud offerings. In
today's the Path to #Nomad 1.0, HashiCorp SRE @martinb3 talks with
@devopsjacquie about his experience with Nomad:

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1267211196656205826 (@pascalblanche)

New posters are now available!  #spaceart #space #spaceship
https://t.co/rmwhRFcgly https://t.co/RTcciCi6js

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1261943793865162753 (@bitfield)

Fossor ("one who digs") is a tool for automating the investigation of
broken hosts and services. It captures log messages, memory stats,
RAID info, and so on, and you can add your own plugins to automate
common troubleshooting steps. https://t.co/LkLonklh9L /via

https://twitter.com/PythonWeekly/status/1260223418114478084 (@PythonWeekly)

Systems programming with bash and Python 3 https://t.co/mUUiHOvmGA
#python #bash https://t.co/dQ9iTpMvu9

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1252972895124537344 (@HashiCorp)

Please join us today for Community Office Hours focused on Consul and
Kubernetes at 11:00am PDT. Learn more and submit any questions you
would like answered here: https://t.co/gunxCAizgM

https://twitter.com/abinaya_rl/status/1244314031860486145 (@abinaya_rl)

@kayayarai May be it's relevant to you https://t.co/7omdMiqtSk

https://twitter.com/AloisReitbauer/status/1243286033099358208 (@AloisReitbauer)

@patrickdebois Might want to read this:  https://t.co/HS645O1Yw9

https://twitter.com/PariseauTT/status/1242882517356679168 (@PariseauTT)

The plot around @HashiCorp Nomad thickens with @Kubernetesio -like
features in version 0.11, out in beta now. Feat comments from
@royillsley: https://t.co/sUH3zrzkWX

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1242862330054168577 (@HashiCorp)

Announcing the beta release of HashiCorp #Nomad 0.11, which includes
autoscaling, container storage interface plugins, task dependencies,
and more. Read the blog for details: https://t.co/5Uf6ZZxDgI

https://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/1242389856946475010 (@ripienaar)

@nats_io Published the 2nd part of this series which describes the
major patterns of message flow in @nats_io   https://t.co/WQKIdFRkOY

https://twitter.com/ThePSF/status/1242194844455448577 (@ThePSF)

New pip resolver to roll out this year https://t.co/lX8f0VOgfX

https://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/1242029725557628928 (@ripienaar)

As promised, first in a series of posts about middleware design
patterns using @nats_io, bit of a random explore through some of its
features etc.  I hope to have somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks worth of
daily posts to keep you busy.  Tweet me questions.

https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower/status/1237113956738543616 (@kelseyhightower)

I give a lot of love to Istio, but @Linkerd is dope too. Their
philosophy towards limiting complexity, while retaining the
fundamentals of a service mesh, increases the likelihood that both
projects will continue to improve. https://t.co/F4X55ULAdS

https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower/status/1235457638692827136 (@kelseyhightower)

The Istio project just consolidated its control plane services: Pilot,
Citadel, Galley, and the sidecar injector, into a single binary,
Istiod. https://t.co/1d7AH6n6Mv https://t.co/CagrEXYxiU

https://twitter.com/adriancolyer/status/1235120380022419457 (@adriancolyer)

"Millions of tiny databases" Brooker et al., https://t.co/tIW0YzyA4P
#themorningpaper  A wonderful look at the principled engineering of
the consensus-based database system underpinning the AWS EBS control

https://twitter.com/disklosr/status/1234245002055897090 (@disklosr)

An introduction to Traefik v2 and Docker #Docker #Traefik #Selfhosting

https://twitter.com/Leopold_Jacquot/status/1234157918876045312 (@Leopold_Jacquot)

New blog post about OpenTracing and how to used it with Docker,
Traefik, PHP and Python. https://t.co/V7ejMCfFDQ

https://twitter.com/mateusprado/status/1232289698149806080 (@mateusprado)

IDaC: Infra Diagram as Code https://t.co/uzBXjixMKC

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1231233939689308160 (@pycoders)

Modularity for Maintenance  https://t.co/eUeUVVnNVF

https://twitter.com/garethr/status/1230210978991702017 (@garethr)

A new release of Conftest is available https://t.co/f2ACs1N7HQ with
lots of exciting new features and a few good fixes.

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1229755448095539200 (@pycoders)

hydra: Framework for Configuring Complex Applications

https://twitter.com/pypyproject/status/1209476917012897792 (@pypyproject)

Happy Holidays from the PyPy team! Matti just released PyPy 7.3 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰!
The highlight is manylinux2010 wheel support, also the default Linux
builds are now portable and should run on many Linux variants

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1208765890352893957 (@pycoders)

Data Engineer Interview Questions With Python  https://t.co/i980NTCVEi

https://twitter.com/vince2_/status/1207342150473670656 (@vince2_)

Your Makefiles are wrong Β· Jacob Davis-Hansson https://t.co/qNfQL6Bb2t
(I don't agree with many of the points but it exposes some interesting
features of GNU make)

https://twitter.com/PythonWeekly/status/1207329875360702464 (@PythonWeekly)

Doing Python Configuration Right  by @whalesalad
https://t.co/GeCyomGihD #python #configuration

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1207316342010978305 (@pycoders)

Documenting Python Code: A Complete Guide  https://t.co/ZxM2fYXqjf

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1207163747451756546 (@SysAdvent)

Day 18 - Generating Compliance as Code for Terraform with InSpec-Iggy
- By: @mattray | Edited by: @ni_nad - https://t.co/TrMecQY5Y0

https://twitter.com/pablopr/status/1206861211045912576 (@pablopr)

Bitrise: our CI platform by @cmoralesweb https://t.co/5psYQiSK0t

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1206801231857016833 (@SysAdvent)

Day 17 - Automation in Everyday Life: It’s not always about velocity -
By: @stahnma | Edited by: @TheJewberwocky - https://t.co/wYIFxbtLPz

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1206076419471814784 (@SysAdvent)

Day 15 - Moving a Monolithic Rails App to Kubernetes - By: @stedwick |
Edited by: @_ryanhass_ - https://t.co/zth5NidVwn

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1205136935347539968 (@SysAdvent)

Day 12 - Observability - By: @informatiq | Edited By: @andersonkirstin
- https://t.co/Gz1o4otCrY

https://twitter.com/tiangolo/status/1204840136585961472 (@tiangolo)

Woohoo! πŸŽ‰  FastAPI made it to this top 10 favorite Python libraries of
the year πŸ₯³  I love seeing FastAPI right beside some friends, HTTPX and
Starlette 🀩 And close to other amazing libraries πŸ˜±πŸš€

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1204631183671398400 (@SysAdvent)

Day 11 - When to Take a Chance on Someone - By: @anniehedgie | Edited
By: @tylerauerbeck - https://t.co/Q51pqWFyCH

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1204264480479305728 (@SysAdvent)

Day 10 - It's OK if you're not running Kubernetes - By: @mattiasgeniar
- https://t.co/TFmPlUnIgD

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1203902190747836416 (@SysAdvent)

Day 9 - In Defense Of The Modern Day JVM (Java Virtual Machine) - By:
@RealGeneKim | Edited By: @jcsmith - https://t.co/3DcNPVonno

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1203540889290674176 (@SysAdvent)

Day 8 - Going Nomad in a Kubernetes World - By: @pwelch | Edited By:
@nathenharvey  - https://t.co/ieDMuTPkVt

https://twitter.com/chris_herd/status/1202962206226292736 (@chris_herd)

Companies offering great remote work experiences:  @FirstbaseHQ
@digitalocean @figmadesign @InVisionApp @automattic @GraphyHQ
@teamweek @basecamp @HubSpot @Hubstaff @Upwork @airtable @mozilla
@github @elastic @buffer @zapier @auth0 @stripe @gitlab @trello @doist
@Deel  Who else?

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1202814977058516993 (@SysAdvent)

Day 6 - KubeVirt - By: @tylerauerbeck | Edited By: @alloydwhitlock -
https://t.co/TX3wEYDi8Y #Kubernetes

https://twitter.com/rothgar/status/1202765672071057408 (@rothgar)

it me https://t.co/dfcMuqhruF

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1202605296885141504 (@pycoders)

Flattening Nested Loops for Parallel Processing Speed Gains

https://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/1202524883240009728 (@ripienaar)

Blogged about Choria Transitioning Events to CloudEvents format

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1185529025713922049 (@pycoders)

Meta-Programming in Python  https://t.co/bNzfZ0oEmm

https://twitter.com/ardewes/status/1184056298775744512 (@ardewes)

@matrixise Pur is a great Python tool that does exactly what you want
(I think): https://t.co/lYNgFbEo7Q

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1183354701577895936 (@pycoders)

Automatically Reloading Python Modules With `%autoreload`

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1182512102164049920 (@pascalblanche)

New #illustration : "The Engineers"  #scifi https://t.co/KMF355oSqv

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1182363667725197313 (@pycoders)

Python and Fast HTTP Clients  https://t.co/bmK9sx2J9H

https://twitter.com/brandur/status/1182066723337293828 (@brandur)

Git tip I wish I'd discovered ten years ago: if you `git config
--global diff.noprefix true` it removes the silly `a/` and `b/`
prefixes so that when you double-click select one to copy, you get a
usable filename instead of a mangled path. https://t.co/8COLkcClv6

https://twitter.com/PythonWeekly/status/1179425995427852288 (@PythonWeekly)

Async Python Tutorial: Foundations for those with no prior async
experience https://t.co/NRtW6NOvhG #python https://t.co/gjUm4KIgp8

https://twitter.com/nedbat/status/1176796160008302592 (@nedbat)

When do which shell startup files get executed?
https://t.co/lXgnFHp3Rv https://t.co/3buxuoDtET

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1176415475749797888 (@bitfield)

For nearly a decade, Hadoop was the poster child for β€œbig data.” It
was new, it was open source, it launched an entire market of products
and vendors. Then that market evaporated. What happened?

https://twitter.com/mpron/status/1176136807689461760 (@mpron)

"#Serverless : 15% slower and 8x more expensive"
https://t.co/EoV158zEP4 "for some workloads they [API Gateway,  and
Lambda] are a lot more expensive than boring old EC2 and Elastic

https://twitter.com/mitchellh/status/1173689018481033216 (@mitchellh)

Nomad 0.10 beta is out with Consul Connect integration, network
namespaces, host volumes, and more. Please give the beta a shot
(particularly the Connect integration): https://t.co/OJuONUXYMa and
here is a guide: https://t.co/CrU3pSYVR3 https://t.co/D9BKBSzyyM

https://twitter.com/sigje/status/1173651166757969921 (@sigje)

I am behind on celebrating so much about this project, but with early
release coming out soon, I'm excited to share that I'm writing a book
on modern operation tools, technologies, and principles with O'Reilly.
My animal is a kingfisher! https://t.co/KQ6VIKAaBl

https://twitter.com/datanews_nl/status/1172046148619710464 (@datanews_nl)

Kunstwerken of foto's tonen op slim canvas https://t.co/9p8iOn7CcV

https://twitter.com/MrTrustor/status/1171856125349781510 (@MrTrustor)

Well. That’s just super useful. I gave #Terraform Cloud a go today,
and it is a really really nice product. The integration with @gitlab
is top notch. https://t.co/qFQVDcRvWW

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1171817176799559680 (@pycoders)

Expert Python Topics You Should Know  https://t.co/TCR9VFhZs8

https://twitter.com/danilop/status/1171382818779410432 (@danilop)

Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights for Amazon ECS
https://t.co/8tCiUxmYme #AWS #Observability https://t.co/9Slt4Hj6Ba

https://twitter.com/mitchellh/status/1170061323322814464 (@mitchellh)

Docker sharing how they upgraded from Consul 0.7.4 (two years old!) to
1.5.1. β€œShout out to the Consul team at HashiCorp! Consul’s
compatibility promise, along with their awesome engineering resulted
in one of the easier upgrades we have done in years.” ❀️

https://twitter.com/1st1/status/1168193253654462464 (@1st1)

@llanga @cfbolz Yes, I plan to propose including the immutables
package in 3.9.

https://twitter.com/mitchellh/status/1166047714590638080 (@mitchellh)

L7 features let you do stuff like: "redirect /admin to the 'admin'
service, send 10% of traffic to v2, and internally redirect to another
DC if this one is down." You can get more or less complex as necessary
of course. https://t.co/FrBmgk81oO https://t.co/jnFhvRA8be

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1147239479360589825 (@pycoders)

Snagging Parking Spaces With Mask R-CNN and Python

https://twitter.com/newsycombinator/status/1147037571521896449 (@newsycombinator)

How FZF and ripgrep improved my workflow https://t.co/w2GrzuLBKZ

https://twitter.com/fatih/status/1146410724354338816 (@fatih)

⭐️ Just published a new blog post: "How to write idempotent Bash
scripts". I recently rewrote several important bash scripts and
therefore collected some of my favorite idioms to write resilient and
idempotent scripts. https://t.co/afJgQEZqvl  #bash

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1145711368529678336 (@pycoders)

πŸπŸ“° How to Use Python lambda Functions  In this step-by-step tutorial,
you'll learn about Python lambda functions. You'll see how they
compare with regular functions and how you can use them in accordance
with best practices https://t.co/7DnpDzh0mq

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1143573109380984833 (@pascalblanche)

#INSPIRATION: back to space with the unique art of John Harris. ( no
the first pict is NOT from Halo Infinite) https://t.co/JB9JhouSZL

https://twitter.com/markburgess_osl/status/1143059680060674049 (@markburgess_osl)

Anyone interested in formal theory of monitoring/observability who is
interested in helping to peer review a paper by me in a series about
technology principles, plz DM me for a copy. I'll be posting after
some QA.

https://twitter.com/Raspberry_Pi/status/1143036104314118144 (@Raspberry_Pi)

Raspberry Pi 4 is here! A tiny, dual-display desktop computer, with
three RAM variants to choose from, and all the hackability you know
and love. On sale now from the familiar price of $35:
https://t.co/d9iwVidexm #RaspberryPi4 https://t.co/4fll4gx1Ax

https://twitter.com/koehrsen_will/status/1142147639204548608 (@koehrsen_will)

Ctrl + shift + v = copy and paste without formatting  Very useful when
copying and pasting code into slides. https://t.co/BYJ0cDgS0O

https://twitter.com/ddeckmyn/status/1141970261367033856 (@ddeckmyn)

Naar aanleiding van beurssucces Slack: gaat slack (of zakelijke chat)
email vervangen, en zo ja, willen we dat wel? Uw input welkom!
Waarschuwing: er komt een artikel van (maar daar hoeft u niet in te
staan als u niet wilt)

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1141317711328362498 (@pycoders)

How to Build Command Line Interfaces in Python With Argparse

https://twitter.com/benhamner/status/1140728432831033344 (@benhamner)

One of our big focuses at @kaggle is improving the quality of the
public data ecosystem. As part of this, we launched dataset usability
ratings on 17000+ public datasets to promote better practices around
documentation and tutorials  https://t.co/K5RyAgq6xR

https://twitter.com/PythonWeekly/status/1138143921593356290 (@PythonWeekly)

kedro - A Python library for building robust production-ready data and
analytics pipelines. https://t.co/nBpudAQHxz #python #data #analytics

https://twitter.com/mpron/status/1136642349021388802 (@mpron)

Operating @HashiCorp #Terraform for Multiple teams and Applications

https://twitter.com/miguelgrinberg/status/1135937217183059968 (@miguelgrinberg)

New blog post! The Ultimate Guide to Python Decorators, Part I:
Function Registration https://t.co/09RYmqnvas

https://twitter.com/brettsky/status/1135382481094361088 (@brettsky)

@DennisCode Never use pip3 or pip directly; always use `python -m pip`
to make sure you're installing into the appropriate
interpreter/environment (you are using a virtual environment, right?

https://twitter.com/dmfigol/status/1134900293379010560 (@dmfigol)

- Amount of similar asyncio tutorials with toy examples is tremendous
and  makes a disservice to the community by making asyncio seem easier
than it really is. If you need to write "real" asyncio code, make sure
you read https://t.co/QY5gzXekVV by @roguelynn (thank you, Lynn!) 7/

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1133796202917650433 (@pycoders)

πŸπŸ“° In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn about how the Python
logging package is designed from an OOP perspective. You'll walk line
by line down the package's core module and become better equipped to
know what your code is doing https://t.co/9e0OrMOEgL

https://twitter.com/mpron/status/1131953301782712321 (@mpron)

Your terminal can be much, much more productive by @ivanaugustobd
https://t.co/FGHyyH8qqz What are some other things ppl use to make
their Terminal more productive and IDE-like when it comes to things
like autocomplete, colors, and other things I might not have even
thought of?

https://twitter.com/opentelemetry/status/1130864589866856449 (@opentelemetry)

And a roadmap to the future: https://t.co/o6uXdW9YQ2

https://twitter.com/dstufft/status/1127320131359653890 (@dstufft)

@jacobian @vivainio PyPI β€œcosts” like 2-3 million dollars a year just
to host it in donated infrastructure. Human costs are harder to

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1097566669168357377 (@bitfield)

β€œUnless you’re in the business of running Kubernetes, you shouldn’t be
in the business of running Kubernetes.” Interview with me in The New
Stack about the forthcoming @cloudnatived book and the future of
DevOps https://t.co/eM2bZdt67C

https://twitter.com/florimondmanca/status/1094337804576923648 (@florimondmanca)

#2: For @pytestdotorg users out here, remember that fixtures can help
you create reusable test assets β€” including ones that need intricate
setup and cleanup logic. Use them to write beautiful tests!  More on
fixtures: https://t.co/8jXLsLVT7T https://t.co/PlQ5piQpLj

https://twitter.com/aboutsecurity/status/1094277269751762946 (@aboutsecurity)

The difference between #MachineLearning and #AI. Via @anton_chuvakin
https://t.co/YJNVNzpzLw #epic https://t.co/gINpxmPWnZ

https://twitter.com/gjbernat/status/1093505952395988992 (@gjbernat)

New post! πŸ‘‰ https://t.co/xi3kuPbzR2 The state of Python Packaging

https://twitter.com/gvanrossum/status/1092866882795761664 (@gvanrossum)

I really love the line-of-code completions in the new
https://t.co/TcfoSNq6b4. Thanks for the demo @asmith!

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1091084456432230401 (@pycoders)

Classes vs Functions: When to Use Which and Why?

https://twitter.com/ergo/status/1091073146889949184 (@ergo)

Pyramid_apispec 0.3.1 has been released. Build beautiful APIS and
auto-document them using @OpenApiSpec   with @trypyramid and #python
language. Thanks to @sloria1 for ApiSpec and Marshmallow.

https://twitter.com/FogleBird/status/1087152894909075463 (@FogleBird)

I think they call this "generative?" 25 lines of #Python.

https://twitter.com/pauldix/status/1085941704576954369 (@pauldix)

@smetj @InfluxDB The great part is that most of them are community
contributed. We're just trying to be good open source shepherds.

https://twitter.com/jacebrowning/status/1084541525810446341 (@jacebrowning)

Initial release of my most ambitious library to date: a file-based ORM
for Python dataclasses.  https://t.co/pd4jzT8d1h

https://twitter.com/fullstackpython/status/1079519002802704391 (@fullstackpython)

Building Very Fast App Backends with Falcon Web Framework on PyPy
https://t.co/xO3ygdLsyt https://t.co/5gTjkIhwkJ

https://twitter.com/PythonWeekly/status/1077957295475175424 (@PythonWeekly)

Creating a DjangoRest API using DjangoRestFramework part 2. by
@esir_kings https://t.co/4zvfPsoN79 #python #django

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1076199125559971840 (@pycoders)

Python Interview Questions (Part 1: Junior Devs)

https://twitter.com/gevent/status/1074025712955375618 (@gevent)

gipc 1.0.0 has been released. See the announcement here:
https://t.co/pJxQO8UqYW gipc (pronunciation as in β€œgipsy”) provides
reliable child process management and non-blocking inter-process
communication in the context of gevent.

https://twitter.com/choldgraf/status/1073646548058136578 (@choldgraf)

An early holiday gift from @ProjectJupyter and @mybinderteam:
Introducing repo2docker, a lightweight command-line tool for building
Docker images from Git repositories https://t.co/NYT9bVGk7W

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1071518262498914304 (@pycoders)

🐍 Continuous Integration with Python: An IntroductionπŸ“°  Learn the core
concepts behind Continuous Integration (CI) and why they are essential
for modern software engineering teams. Find out how to how set up CI
for your Python project. https://t.co/Aeed51QjGr

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1071488080182460416 (@pycoders)

A Spoonful of Advanced Python Per Day? https://t.co/WOQzKkJgqs

https://twitter.com/hynek/status/1068188799535116290 (@hynek)

Python Application Dependency Management in 2018
https://t.co/dhzrnz08wG  In which I look at Pipenv, Poetry, and pip-
tools through a DevOps lens.

https://twitter.com/cloudnatived/status/1066397574532349953 (@cloudnatived)

Oh, this is lovely. dive is an interactive tool for exploring the
contents of a Docker image, layer by layer https://t.co/3dqr2UkyuD

https://twitter.com/oss_go/status/972073519394836480 (@oss_go)

jaggr - JSON Aggregation CLI https://t.co/D8dS4r75GL

https://twitter.com/CommodoreBlog/status/1360139027249328128 (@CommodoreBlog)

Good Morning my LoveliesπŸ’• https://t.co/H8r1mr4lK3

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1360965524662988802 (@bitfield)

This is a really intelligent and thought-provoking talk, and it
changed my mind about systemd, which says quite a lot.

https://twitter.com/mrkaran_/status/1360886041599647747 (@mrkaran_)

Wrote my experience of setting up @HashiCorp  Nomad/Consul for my
personal server.  https://t.co/OP2sF3VyZR https://t.co/ZAxccNb64S

https://twitter.com/PeterZaitsev/status/1361084305762521089 (@PeterZaitsev)

Cloud computing 'sticker shock' is on the rise, and containing it may
be a new career path  https://t.co/2TAdwwFY8l

https://twitter.com/matrixdotorg/status/1361309515388506116 (@matrixdotorg)

Want all the gory details of how we hosted the world's largest
free/open source conference #FOSDEM21 via Matrix? We just posted the
full writeup at https://t.co/byoaCbeIHv. Huge thanks to @FOSDEM for
putting their faith in Matrix & to everyone who helped make it a
success! πŸŽ‰β„οΈπŸŽ†

https://twitter.com/mikejulietbravo/status/1063376260322201601 (@mikejulietbravo)

Calling all #devops - IBM are running a promotion to get $12k worth of
#AI, #Bigdata, #Docker, #Kubernates, #Cloud or #Blockchain software.
No strings attached, just sign up and claim credits. -->
https://t.co/Ut8SSpSbmW https://t.co/mRypLmUxMx

https://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/1362110775507189766 (@ripienaar)

Neat CLI for doing graphs on your terminal from Prometheus and others.

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1362751796146536448 (@pycoders)

Building Rich Terminal Dashboards  https://t.co/0FTEHOF5AF

https://twitter.com/thingskatedid/status/1316074032379248640 (@thingskatedid)

πŸ’‘FAQ about displaying stuff in a terminal https://t.co/XQBOezyJAx

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1363001890464743427 (@pascalblanche)

you can read it online here too, enjoy ;) https://t.co/vKEflQFI8f

https://twitter.com/mikejulietbravo/status/1063376260322201601 (@mikejulietbravo)

Calling all #devops - IBM are running a promotion to get $12k worth of
#AI, #Bigdata, #Docker, #Kubernates, #Cloud or #Blockchain software.
No strings attached, just sign up and claim credits. -->
https://t.co/Ut8SSpSbmW https://t.co/mRypLmUxMx

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1364288666944888833 (@pascalblanche)


https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1364287178973605894 (@pascalblanche)


https://twitter.com/lyfteng/status/1364269115901288448 (@lyfteng)

New blog post out today, about optimizations to #Elasticsearch that
we’ve instrumented and utilize on a daily basis. Read all about it:

https://twitter.com/mikejulietbravo/status/1063376260322201601 (@mikejulietbravo)

Calling all #devops - IBM are running a promotion to get $12k worth of
#AI, #Bigdata, #Docker, #Kubernates, #Cloud or #Blockchain software.
No strings attached, just sign up and claim credits. -->
https://t.co/Ut8SSpSbmW https://t.co/mRypLmUxMx

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1365709785866383363 (@pycoders)

python-precisely: Better Assertsion for Python Tests

https://twitter.com/42wim/status/1366065361469202434 (@42wim)


https://twitter.com/mikejulietbravo/status/1063376260322201601 (@mikejulietbravo)

Calling all #devops - IBM are running a promotion to get $12k worth of
#AI, #Bigdata, #Docker, #Kubernates, #Cloud or #Blockchain software.
No strings attached, just sign up and claim credits. -->
https://t.co/Ut8SSpSbmW https://t.co/mRypLmUxMx

https://twitter.com/zzzeek/status/1032684886518386689 (@zzzeek)

wow this is amazing, Intel: we won't fix security holes in your
processor unless you agree to not talk about your processors
performance in public anymore https://t.co/GpSx3SKSIx

https://twitter.com/jlongster/status/958013513041088512 (@jlongster)

Aw man I hate noticing typos :(

https://twitter.com/llanga/status/1367603491410243584 (@llanga)

pip install rich  Makes this sort of thing very easy. Highly
recommended for any #Python command-line needs.

https://twitter.com/pablocarpioart/status/1367927680470024193 (@pablocarpioart)

Hello! I'm new on Twitter, so here are some of my artworks as a
presentation. Hope you can like/share it! πŸ™‚ https://t.co/0q1BhYHULk

https://twitter.com/MeinertH/status/1369724945228521477 (@MeinertH)

Ok, I'm done doom scrolling. Time to post some environment stuff from
my archives. https://t.co/XdAvsRB1lj

https://twitter.com/pablocarpioart/status/1370069633714245632 (@pablocarpioart)

Some personal spaceship designs inspired by #StarWars . Hope you like
them! https://t.co/mTOmniw3WH

https://twitter.com/sebastien_riant/status/1363857843108122624 (@sebastien_riant)

On the outskirts #lightwave #3D #scifi https://t.co/M6p4LPY9yb

https://twitter.com/PaulC04/status/1370413601845084160 (@PaulC04)

Regrouping some of my favorite work, i will drop my first NFT this
monday on @superRare, stay tuned!  #NFT  #superrare

https://twitter.com/ianmcque/status/1370808478541955084 (@ianmcque)


https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1371482502343372801 (@pascalblanche)


https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1371466371318620161 (@pascalblanche)


https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1371461862253027329 (@pascalblanche)

#INSPIRATION: The art of John Harris. Maybe my favorite #spaceart
artist. Maybe. https://t.co/3stxjXPWI9

https://twitter.com/SpotifyEng/status/1371867641372143620 (@SpotifyEng)

Happy birthday, Backstage! Our open platform for building developer
portals turns one β€” but is growing up fast.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ  Read who’s already
using Backstage and where it’s going next.  ➑️ https://t.co/k8SrTj5eFZ

https://twitter.com/ankaris/status/1372019582366445571 (@ankaris)

Some one asked me about the size of my oil paintings. This might help.
The first photo is from the Society of Illustrators in NY, the
Spectrum Exhibition and the second is at Illuxcon, Allentown Museum.

https://twitter.com/PaulC04/status/1372594439479250950 (@PaulC04)

Throwback stuff! https://t.co/xSeDmpaV7l

https://twitter.com/fightpunch/status/1372222872907825157 (@fightpunch)

Ok these feel like a solid start in terms of mood / atmosphere.    Now
its time to do the fun stuff, let's design this world.   Probably wont
be anything new for a while as this process takes time :)    Also have
a good friend who is gonna join in for the journey @StuEllisArt

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1372928223017861133 (@pascalblanche)

And what about.. a little Poster Friday #giveaway today hmm?
like/retweet the thread an leave a comment to get a chance at a 18X24
inch poster... GO! https://t.co/6mnYrBoR3O

https://twitter.com/dantrevino/status/1372803638045732875 (@dantrevino)

@hasufl Lots of people have been asking this for a long time.
@IPFSPinata posted this almost a year ago and it was not a new issue
then. "NFT and IPFS | Pinata" https://t.co/xOHOGvqo1t

https://twitter.com/NYMag/status/1374387532067074051 (@NYMag)

See inside the cozy West Village rental of "art hoarders" Joe Lucas
and David Heikka https://t.co/MGIbkEygsk https://t.co/40lyTdWtQu

https://twitter.com/SimoRoth/status/1375792208549441537 (@SimoRoth)

Today I am mostly looking at photos of the glazed nosecone navigator's
station in a decayed Soviet Tupolev Tu 104 airliner.

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1379117131305005065 (@bitfield)

Pointers are a topic that always intimidates and perplexes newcomers
to Go, and I think I know why. Basically, we've been explaining
pointers wrong, and here's my attempt to put that right:

https://twitter.com/nbsparth/status/1380585284039897089 (@nbsparth)

since this piece is my actual avatar and that I haven't posted it yet,
here it is. https://t.co/t0O2AopZ3G

https://twitter.com/nikolinapetolas/status/1381190115830153217 (@nikolinapetolas)

One of the prominent characters in my work is the Cat. I guess her
nine lives served as an inspiration. Or how we would live them if we
had them as well... πŸ™‚I'd like to animate some of the works as #NFT
#nikolinapetolas #petolas #digitalart  #taleofthebluepear

https://twitter.com/nikolinapetolas/status/1381190115830153217 (@nikolinapetolas)

One of the prominent characters in my work is the Cat. I guess her
nine lives served as an inspiration. Or how we would live them if we
had them as well... πŸ™‚I'd like to animate some of the works as #NFT
#nikolinapetolas #petolas #digitalart  #taleofthebluepear

https://twitter.com/dangiuz/status/1381649078543597579 (@dangiuz)

lost in the blue https://t.co/oszN8StsDq

https://twitter.com/jlendino/status/1310921306288914433 (@jlendino)

I'm excited to announce my latest book, Attract Mode: The Rise and
Fall of Coin-Op Arcade Games! https://t.co/wHnKPT16qs

https://twitter.com/bitfield/status/1381989314876297224 (@bitfield)

What are methods in Go, how do they relate to functions, and where
might we use them? 'For the Love of Go: Behaviour' is your guide.
https://t.co/6gDHy3Rh4J https://t.co/UiiROQxqDS

https://twitter.com/brettsky/status/1382122878225686529 (@brettsky)

Thanks to everyone who sent me recommendations; in the end I went with
https://t.co/ZQPbgJmphF (see https://t.co/t9XkAN866W)

https://twitter.com/DavidVyleLevy/status/1383044720759169024 (@DavidVyleLevy)

β€œLe navire” (the vessel). When sci fi, goth and baroque madness have a
child. https://t.co/n13HgTDyJB

https://twitter.com/newsyc150/status/1385771136567369736 (@newsyc150)

Vizy, an AI Camera for the Pi https://t.co/ElNlmCqNpl

https://twitter.com/johncutlefish/status/1386146096926363649 (@johncutlefish)

consultant friend:  "the reason you see people jump to consulting
later in their career is that being able to see the anti-patterns
makes it too painful to be on the inside, but they genuinely still
want to help humans"

https://twitter.com/tomaspetricek/status/1387030526071091200 (@tomaspetricek)

Aside from "Accidentally Turing Complete" blog, we also need "The Most
Obscure Way to Implement a Function Call" blog. And yes, serverless
goes on there too. https://t.co/nLoUNma9UW

https://twitter.com/ringods/status/1387003497799892994 (@ringods)

@smetj After reading some Twitter, I jumped over to LinkedIn only to
find this article β€œadvised”: https://t.co/7XaScp5Qjm 🀭

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1387741458707349507 (@pycoders)

What Routine Tasks Do You Automate With Python Programs?

https://twitter.com/JaumeTeixi/status/1379733225426280449 (@JaumeTeixi)

@jpmens There's 32MB png in the archive https://t.co/4NomsdyJPF

https://twitter.com/peppewith3p/status/1389269455499374593 (@peppewith3p)

@smetj too much logic everywhere...

https://twitter.com/johnkrausphotos/status/1390359784516460551 (@johnkrausphotos)

SpaceX was founded on this day in 2002 β€” 19 years ago.  Where might
they be in 2040? πŸ”΄πŸ‘€  19% off all SpaceX prints on my site, today only,
β€˜spx19’: https://t.co/wLdOcowQol https://t.co/SERqEHEp20

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1392528534036439042 (@pascalblanche)

Once or twice during the year I get that urge to work on a space game.
Got so many designs stored in my notes I think I have something solid.
One day... And you guys? what's your fav spacegame?

https://twitter.com/HashiCorp/status/1392588602182352899 (@HashiCorp)

The #Terraform @awscloud Provider now offers users the ability to
define default tags at the provider level, simplifying tag management.

https://twitter.com/HuntdownGame/status/1392232635662012416 (@HuntdownGame)

Want intense run-n-gun action, dozens of unique weapons, and on-point
one-liners? Yeah you do! Huntdown is on Steam now! Happy Hunting!

https://twitter.com/ben11kehoe/status/1393701764419837954 (@ben11kehoe)

I'm always reluctant to toot my own horn, but if you work with AWS in
Python and you do role assumption without aws-assume-role-lib, you're
missing out. https://t.co/nJSGYTnQl0

https://twitter.com/groussinnuro/status/1392563133760344064 (@groussinnuro)

Letter O #ship  #sciencefiction #Space https://t.co/29x6aDJ3P2

https://twitter.com/fullstackpython/status/1395325561149476865 (@fullstackpython)

Nginx Cheatsheet: Nginx configurations that developers should know
https://t.co/ExRBDygAbC https://t.co/hySeIbGkDE

https://twitter.com/kgriffs/status/1395824969813094401 (@kgriffs)

This may be a great complement to Falcon when JSON performance is a
concern: https://t.co/10CN4tVsFx

https://twitter.com/jalogisch/status/1396420529913991170 (@jalogisch)

@smetj That is a fair point - release often with fixes and features
and not wait till β€šenoughβ€˜ for a big release …  But still 2,5€ for the
editor per month is something you pay only if you earn money with

https://twitter.com/brendangregg/status/1396455243492118528 (@brendangregg)

new blog post: What is Observability? https://t.co/D33QLsx5Nx

https://twitter.com/noottrak/status/1396858545707143179 (@noottrak)

Today's Art Inspiration from these amazing artists:  @_rogerdean
@demizuposuka @MitchGerads  #ArtShare #ArtInspiration #Art
https://t.co/FOGXRGxfbR https://t.co/Bswg70JpCK

https://twitter.com/medecau/status/1397782033267580929 (@medecau)

@raymondh you make a deal with @alex_gaynor   specialize your code for
the problems you're trying to solve and [pypy] will specialize your
code for the machine it's executing on  https://t.co/mrvPuT1A4C

https://twitter.com/Rygu/status/1399038737171025920 (@Rygu)

As told by a Sr Drunk Engineer https://t.co/tyDeoEjjtv

https://twitter.com/rothgar/status/1399746385138786309 (@rothgar)

Secret weapons I’ve used   β€’ finding the most important problem β€’
focusing on a single problem β€’ breaking down into smaller solvable
problems β€’ reading docs and error messages β€’ blocking my calendar and
declining meetings that do not help solve problem β€’ working with team

https://twitter.com/derekcollison/status/1401218447824932865 (@derekcollison)

This is interesting..  App-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses
https://t.co/AzUPaVJ92t #indiegogo via @indiegogo

https://twitter.com/brianokken/status/1405184906016149509 (@brianokken)

πŸŽ‰ pytest book in beta! πŸŽ‰   https://t.co/IPMu2jgO4j

https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1405180902616059905 (@pascalblanche)


https://twitter.com/pascalblanche/status/1405179954791395331 (@pascalblanche)

#INSPIRATION: Can't get enough of the retro vibes of Dan Mcpharlin.

https://twitter.com/K8sArchitect/status/1406659850944253955 (@K8sArchitect)

kubewatch is a Kubernetes watcher that currently publishes
notification to available collaboration hubs/notification channels.
Run it in your k8s cluster, and you will get event notifications
through webhooks  More: https://t.co/p5cm8YXM3W

https://twitter.com/newsycombinator/status/1409104750323376129 (@newsycombinator)

Tiddlywiki with Roam Research like functionality

https://twitter.com/VinchxG/status/1410249566964887556 (@VinchxG)

@ID_AA_Carmack Why does this company still exist

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1412869785038331906 (@pycoders)

luigi: Python Module That Helps You Build Complex Pipelines of Batch
Jobs  https://t.co/UshZrBKeZm

https://twitter.com/recena/status/1422587573868847109 (@recena)

Now, with some improvements: "We have been working with a staging
environment since the early days of this project. Now, I am
considering renaming staging to production and work just with one

https://twitter.com/EdCaspersen/status/1110982700972703744 (@EdCaspersen)

@mxcl Google: Your Python code has an indentation error Me: No you
twats, I have sloppy handwriting on a whiteboard.  Google: But to me,
it looks like an indentation error Me: https://t.co/Se62Xh7b4P

https://twitter.com/savostrowski/status/1427314398150881280 (@savostrowski)

Did you know that Pylance can surface diagnostics to indicate where
you have the wrong types specified?   In my most recent chats with
Python devs using type annotations, many were still unfamiliar with
the notion of a type checker but expressed wanting such diagnostics!

https://twitter.com/marzaat/status/1427394168784101382 (@marzaat)

β€œThe Mystery of the CursedΒ Cottage” https://t.co/YwoHQnv2aE

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1428025402476347393 (@pycoders)

The Ultimate Face-Off: Flask vs. FastAPI  https://t.co/kopoN6efMC

https://twitter.com/ripienaar/status/1428782593760190466 (@ripienaar)

@patrickdebois Belena is basically that with some management sprinkled
on - their OS and stuff is open source might be generic enough to be

https://twitter.com/CryptopolitanG/status/1428792018457747466 (@CryptopolitanG)

We started the bidding on @pascalblanche "AngelFish"! An amazing SCI-
FI piece by one of the masters of SciFi Art!!  Good luck and happy
bidding! #NFT #scifi https://t.co/tFyWUQUx5Z https://t.co/NZsYh8utdW

https://twitter.com/peppewith3p/status/1429073683801329670 (@peppewith3p)

@smetj go. for everything. the new #silverbullet

https://twitter.com/NYMag/status/1432609821673525250 (@NYMag)

For the past five years, a mysterious figure has been stealing books
before their release. Is it espionage? Revenge? A trap? Or a complete
waste of time? @reeveswiedeman and @lilapearl report

https://twitter.com/AmirRachum/status/1184437548896137219 (@AmirRachum)

A deep dive into Python attribute access.  I'm really proud of this
one. Please let me know what you think!  https://t.co/pnbMkYYuju

https://twitter.com/purpleidea/status/1455810625523884035 (@purpleidea)


https://twitter.com/sublimino/status/1457003407735234566 (@sublimino)

My esteemed friend @mhausenblas and I wrote a book: Hacking
Kubernetes. The PDF of the first half of the book is now available to
download for free!  https://t.co/n3xyiytgH8

https://twitter.com/KrisBuytaert/status/1458115479810215941 (@KrisBuytaert)

Slides for my Ignite earlier today at #osmc https://t.co/XIIwL1beQA

https://twitter.com/sukima/status/1458149520697667584 (@sukima)

@MichalBryxi β€’ https://t.co/5kmWc4kcHR β€’ https://t.co/Rs88VcdXf4 β€’

https://twitter.com/raesene/status/1458724150210662400 (@raesene)

A handy feature of Kubernetes networking (If you're a pentester) is
that you can query all the cluster service names and ports from DNS
from any pod, so I wrote a quick wrapper script that generates an nmap
command line and a list of targets https://t.co/4br1Vcpxxy

https://twitter.com/senpai70/status/1461421206796648448 (@senpai70)

@smetj kubectx (https://t.co/KOGcoyZpWJ) or :ctx in k9s πŸ€—

https://twitter.com/kief/status/1461698188897882123 (@kief)

@ripienaar My concern with GitOps is that it seems to encourage people
to maintain a different version of infra code for each environment.
This thread sparked me to finally write up why I think this is an
issue - "Snowflakes as Code".  https://t.co/5SAeQCDIJZ

https://twitter.com/peppewith3p/status/1464579890477416448 (@peppewith3p)

@smetj IMO putting too much logic in the pipelines/workflows is the
main bad-practices that I noticed recently (and this is due to the
powerful frameworks for pipelines/workflows). We should only have dumb
executors and portable pipelines bases for example on

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1466091223559684098 (@pycoders)

objprint: Print Python Objects in Human Readable Format

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1465910046559195141 (@SysAdvent)

πŸ’₯  Day 1 - The Myths and the Magic in My Search for Acquiring Software
Engineering Skills | By: @anniehedgie https://t.co/F0YMlCDika
#CareerPlanning #LearningMyths

https://twitter.com/lizthegrey/status/1465763511477231617 (@lizthegrey)

Without further ado: this is how @honeycombio scaled out Kafka
#observability pipeline by 10x in 2 years, while limiting TCO to +20%.
In it, we give a detailed report about brand new #Graviton2 im4gn
instances and Confluent's Kafka distribution. https://t.co/27my7sxU9x

https://twitter.com/m_ou_se/status/1446862325592559620 (@m_ou_se)

🐚 Brace expansion in shells like Bash and Zsh can be very useful to
avoid repeating yourself. ✨  For example, if you want to do:  $ mv
some_long_file_name.txt some_long_file_name.rs  You can write this
instead:  $ mv some_long_file_name.{txt,rs}  Here's some ways to use
braces: https://t.co/WtxYb7Z7V3

https://twitter.com/kub3rkaul/status/1468353883365945354 (@kub3rkaul)

Wrote a blog for https://t.co/7xXkJ8W1Cs on Building a distributed
tracing pipeline with OpenTelemetry Collector, Data Prepper, and
OpenSearch Trace Analytics. Give it a read ! #opensearch

https://twitter.com/TheSGEM/status/1454845799179948039 (@TheSGEM)

@jonathanstea Scary… https://t.co/iPlDcr5W5e

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1469170648383569920 (@SysAdvent)

⛰️ Day 10 - Assembling Your Year In Review | by @alpacatron3000 |
Edited by @sigje and @ovsage   SREs are uniquely positions to
facilitate team Year In Reviews. Learn more from Paige Bernier here:

https://twitter.com/yaelwrites/status/1468237312257634307 (@yaelwrites)

Finally, we wrote about which VPNs did best in our testing and why.
(Spoiler: @mullvadnet @ivpnnet  @MozillaVpn) https://t.co/sKjeWlWxzp

https://twitter.com/jessitron/status/1470494779788177422 (@jessitron)

Modern software architecture has changed the nature of expertise.

https://twitter.com/SysAdvent/status/1470619629185761281 (@SysAdvent)

πŸ“„Day 14 - What's in a job description (and who does it keep away)? |
by Daniel Medina | Edited by @kartar   Are you looking to grow your
team? Take a look at this introspective on job descriptions from
Daniel and level up your JD writing skills https://t.co/zn49fqQ4yG

https://twitter.com/patrickdebois/status/1470736601508728833 (@patrickdebois)

@fs111 https://t.co/ZM91PbcrTb

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1472251818986115073 (@pycoders)

The Future of Python Build Systems and Gentoo Linux

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1472651451893751813 (@pycoders)

Why Your `multiprocessing` Pool Is Stuck (It's Full of Sharks!)

https://twitter.com/pinatacloud/status/1473373156580675594 (@pinatacloud)

That's a wrap! Thanks to all who joined our first Twitter space. If
you missed it, don't worry, we recorded it. And we'll host plenty more
in the new year! https://t.co/In7nWuTcIh  Creators and developers,
what would you like us to chat about in our next Twitter space? #NFT

https://twitter.com/patrickdebois/status/1473364509884821504 (@patrickdebois)

Is restic still the goto tool for win/linux/osx backups ?
https://t.co/13kUqGtppI  For some reason I think more about backups
around Christmas :)

https://twitter.com/pycoders/status/1474825776969269257 (@pycoders)

tqdm: Smart Progress Meter for Python CLI Apps

https://twitter.com/wsellers/status/1475967849537720322 (@wsellers)

@mreferre https://t.co/StJ9V6MA8c

https://twitter.com/Jobvo/status/1477610639040434183 (@Jobvo)

1/ I've been managing people remotely for 8 years. Here's how to be a
better manager in a remote (distributed) team:

https://twitter.com/lyfteng/status/1478464166230773762 (@lyfteng)

A large part of Lyft's backend is powered by Python services that use
a concurrency lib called gevent, which can be very powerful, but comes
w/ tradeoffs. @shivtools & @roywilliamsiii explore this in a talk
at @ScaleByTheBay.  https://t.co/5dh4jFpZSd

https://twitter.com/TheNotableApp/status/1479068163543285760 (@TheNotableApp)

@smetj There were some issues with third-party dependencies when
attempting to build the RPM on macOS for ARM, the RPM will be back
once those issues get resolved.

https://twitter.com/amilajack/status/1479328649820000256 (@amilajack)

Life is to short to use dated cli tools that suck  Try these instead 🧡

https://twitter.com/m2guardado/status/1480615168971264002 (@m2guardado)

@Mojojojocousin @michael_g009

https://twitter.com/almonk/status/1482086324278644745 (@almonk)

Having watched @mitchellh use https://t.co/jP9YJ7gM5u I now realise
everything I thought about local environments is a lie

https://twitter.com/newsyc150/status/1485720686656208897 (@newsyc150)

GitHub Actions by Example https://t.co/Jf81i5lbPG

https://twitter.com/patrickdebois/status/1488844772903165957 (@patrickdebois)

What tools are you folks using to visualize your infrastructure as
code components/ cloud architecture  (beyond graphviz dependency
graphs) ?

https://twitter.com/newsyc150/status/1492346938489987074 (@newsyc150)

Show HN: Jless, a command-line JSON viewer https://t.co/tb36MmbHiW

https://twitter.com/mikefiedler/status/1495834442119761929 (@mikefiedler)

@patrickdebois If you liked that, you might also like

https://twitter.com/patrickdebois/status/1495824351568011270 (@patrickdebois)

Logstalgia - a website access log visualization tool #graphporn

https://twitter.com/mreferre/status/1496403803314216966 (@mreferre)

AWS App Runner now supports Java applications and NodeJS 14 (in
addition to bringing any container image implementing the req/response
web service pattern)   https://t.co/DQAnjDAu5R https://t.co/pHJ9MZilJp

https://twitter.com/genderjokes/status/1497284560811225095 (@genderjokes)

if you're feeling helpless (who isn't) and want to do something good,
keep ukranians and russians connected to uncensored internet via tor
by running a snowflake bridge. it's both easy and extremely impactful.
all you need to do is install a browser extension. links below ⬇️

https://twitter.com/sfpd2217/status/1500919078688419842 (@sfpd2217)

@IAPonomarenko He's back πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ https://t.co/jL2mnpvpSi

https://twitter.com/skamille/status/1502275071326535681 (@skamille)

Because I suspect there are a lot of senior engineers who aren't sure
about management being asked to manage for the first time, I wrote a
guide for the reluctant but willing (maybe temporary) new manager

https://twitter.com/ringods/status/1509244976458309645 (@ringods)

β€œYour pipelines are software” You have my attention!

https://twitter.com/dagger_io/status/1509198788933476356 (@dagger_io)

And we are live! Introducing Dagger, a new way to build CI/CD
pipelines. By the creators of Docker. https://t.co/DU8racmoUo

https://twitter.com/newsyc150/status/1511065547886190601 (@newsyc150)

Return to Monkey Island https://t.co/zUMn9zKAN9

https://twitter.com/1st1/status/1516859294896906241 (@1st1)

WOW.  Bloomberg finally opensourced memrayβ€”a new versatile memory
profile for Python. Can't way to use it.  Thread πŸ‘‡

https://twitter.com/ringods/status/1516720219649196049 (@ringods)

Hello @fig and @warpdotdev, can you shed light how both of your
solutions relate to each other?

https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower/status/1516099894800314371 (@kelseyhightower)

I use to work in the payments industry, and always wondered what would
happen if we exposed the entire database to the public, allowed anyone
to run their own stored procedures against it, and made all
transactions non reversible.  I wonder why we never tried that.